Nature has an inherent ability of enticing the human heart. Its unparalleled beauty not only delights us but also has a healing effect on wearied minds and bodies. India's natural wealth has earned her the monicker of being a sub-continent; as a significant number of plant and animal species found around the world reside here. Every Indian state has its unique cultural as well as ecological heritage which truly portrays our unity in diversity.

Wild Woods Spa & Resort Udupi Kosalli Waterfalls

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Planning that long delayed holiday? Take a break from the busy city life and spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoy delicious food, go for serene nature walks and exciting waterfall treks, fish on the Kosalli river, take up a spa and wellness therapy; rejuvenate yourself. Come stay at the luxury cottages and villas at Wild Woods Spa & Resort near Udupi district,Mangalore.

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Wild Woods Spa & Resort near Udupi district of Mangalore in Karnataka, is a nature resort located in the Western Ghat region. The resort is an ecological marvel where you will come across thousands (yes thousands!) of plants and birds. Surrounded by dense forest, streams and waterfalls the Wild Woods Spa & Resort offers one of a kind experience for nature lovers. The alluring Someshwara Beach is also near Wild Woods Spa & Resort; visit the beach to witness the mesmerizing views of a river joining the sea.

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Wild Woods Spa & Resort near Udupi is an ideal  getaway destination for holiday makers coming from Bangalore, Mangalore, Kollur,Goa,Gokarna,Murudeshwar and Manipal.It is strategically located between Mangalore and Goa in the Udupi district. The resort is also frequented by tourists from Mumbai and Pune. Book a quick weekend getaway with us now!

Ayurveda Sanctuary

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing a man physically and spiritually, is brought to you in form of exciting packages at the Wild Woods Spa and Resort, near Udupi. These packages have been designed after extensive research by our therapists on the state of mind and body of individuals working in the metropolitan cities.

The packages promise a rejuvenation of your inner self and outer body with a range of ancient methods such as Abhyanga, Karnapooranam, Sneha Vasti, Dhara Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirovasti & Nasyam, used at the Spa. The Ayurvedic therapies are a time tested and internationally acknowledged way of relaxation, and praised for their side-effects free nature. Visit the Ayurvedic Sanctuary at Wild Woods Spa for a relaxing holiday. Know more...


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