Someshwar beach - 15 min drive from resort
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Beach Trips

The coastal stretch of Karnataka is well known for its pristine waters and palm lined beaches. Popular beaches like Udupi beach (Malpe), Someshwara, Maravanthe beach, Murudeshwar beach, Apsarakonda and Gokarna are nearby and easily accessible from Wild Woods Spa and Resort. Picnic trips to these beaches are arranged by the resort. It takes just a 10 minute drive to Someshwar beach resort where you will have a splendid view of the sunset.

Go on an Energizing Bicycle Ride
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There are many fishing spots at the Wild Woods Spa & Resort. Holidaymakers can enjoy fishing on the Kosalli river that encircles the resort. The river has numerous varieties of fishes. Fishing is allowed on a limited stretch of the river in order to maintain the ecological balance.


Bicycling is one of the most pursued exercises in the world. Go on a energizing bicycle ride through natural surroundings. Ride through the local lanes and relish the mesmerizing vistas all around the Wild Woods Spa & Resort.

Go Kayaking in the Kosalli river
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Go kayaking in the Kosalli river while you are at the Wild Woods Spa & Resort. Kayaking is a sport in which you paddle a boat across water using a two-bladed paddle. It is a refreshing exercise and you can enjoy some scenic views of nature and jungle while paddling through the Wild Woods Spa & Resort.

Trampoline & Zorbing

Trampoline jumps and zorbing (rolling downhill in a plastic orb) are exciting and entertaining pastimes and make for a good exercise. Have a fun filled holiday; engage in trampolining and zorbing at Wild Woods Spa & Resort.

Go for a refreshing nature walk
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Nature Walks

Go for nature walks along the winding lanes and gardens at Wild Woods Spa & Resort and enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna found at the resort. There are thousands (!) of plants and animals residing within the resort perimeter making Wild Woods Spa & Resort an ecological marvel.


Wild Woods Spa & Resort has a pool adjoining the club house. And there is an artificial water fall cascading into the swimming pool. The changing rooms are also made to resemble caves under mock hillock landscaped to replicate a lush forest. Enjoy a dip in the pool and refresh your senses.

An exciting & adventurous trek through the forest
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Waterfall Trek

Trekkers can enjoy an exciting and adventurous trek through the forest leading to the Kosalli waterfall. The falls look spectacular during the monsoon season. During the winters and summers, it is possible to reach the base of the waterfall, by trekking along the rocky river bed.

Scuba Diving

30 Kms away from Wild Woods Spa & Resort- Scuba Diving sessions open everyday at Netrani Island, Off Murudeshwar 30kms from Wild Woods Spa & Resort. Reporting time 8.30 am at Murudeshwar. Dive cost @ Rs.5000/- per person.