Luxury Cottages & Villa

Alternative building materials are used at Wild Woods Spa to build the cottages. Keeping in mind the environmental impact and sustainability; all cottages are made from alternative building materials like bamboo, thatched roof, mud plastering and laterite stone. The advantage of using these alternative building materials is that they are environmentally sustainable.

Bamboo Cottages

Featuring native architecture, the Bamboo Cottages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are built using bamboo rafters, mud plaster and matted cane ceilings. These exquisite Bamboo cottages blend naturally with the scenic backdrop of Wild Woods Spa and Resort. The cottages have adjoining flower gardens and individual riverside decks making a stay even more pleasing and delightful. The Bamboo Cottages offer an experience that is altogether different from any other natural retreat.

All cottages are furnished with requisite amenities ensuring comfort and utility for guests. Book now and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature .

Stone Cottages

The Stone Cottages at our Resort  take inspiration from heritage architecture; Extensive use of earthen materials give them a distinctive look and décor. The interiors of Stone Cottages too follow an artistic and antique style; showcasing hand-crafted furniture from many countries across the globe. These are river facing and give majestic views of nature present all around them.

Feel the exoticness of living in scenic wilderness and flowing streams. Book your visit to Wild Woods Spa and Resort now!

Luxury Villas

Wild Woods Spa and Resort ensures a peaceful break for you and your family through its villa stays. These villas displaying Kerala’s native architectural styles are built using Portuguese laterite stones. The Luxury Villas at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are expertly fitted and furnished with premium furniture and all modern amenities.

Enjoy riverside views and garden strolls and spend a splendid holiday with your loved ones. Book your trip to Wild Woods Spa & Resort now!