Ayurveda Treatments
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Today’s high stress lifestyles take a toll on our mental and physical health; to counter that we have for you Ayurvedic treatment which deploys ancient Indian therapies of relaxation combined with ayurvedic medicines, giving you a potent effect.. These therapies work wonders on the body and mind and provide ultimate repose. Wild Woods Spa and Resort has professional therapists who can assess your fitness needs and recommend the best spa treatments for you. Moreover these Ayurveda treatments have no side-effects.

Treatments combined with Ayurvedic medicines at Wild Woods Spa & Resort includes Abhyangam therapy; it is a kind of oil massage that helps the circulatory channels in human body, then there is Shirodhara therapy which helps relax body and mind, meditation is also a part of the Ayurveda treatments at Wild Woods Spa.

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Thai spa Massages
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Thai spa massage have proved their capability in improving the overall condition of human body; providing total relaxation, reduction in mental stress and muscle healing. Wild Woods Spa & Resort offers a number of Thai Spa therapies such as:

Shiatsu Thai Massage – The traditional Japanese art of massage. It is done by applying fingers and palm pressure and helps with muscle pain, nausea, anxiety and depression.

Thai Foot Massage – This is a Chinese massaging technique. It is particularly effective on lower body, feet and hands. It incites the impulse point on feet and other internal organs of the body.

The Thai Spa Therapy at Wild Woods Spa & Resort also includes yoga practice as a way of rejuvenation and relaxation of body and mind. Contact us at Wild Woods Spa & Resort for more details to book exclusive spa massages


Health and Wellness Center
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Apart from the Ayurvedic and Thai Spa therapies, Wild Woods Spa upon the river offers a few other  health and wellness routines at our wellness center. It is a day spa which offers the body care treatments. To beat the stress of everyday mundane life, once in a while one needs to take a retreat to an unforgettable paradise that is wild woods spa and resort. At our health and wellness center we offer in our day spa customized packages and treatments to suit your every requirement.

Balinese Body Massage – This is a kind of aroma therapy combined with acupressure and helps stimulate the flow of energy and oxygen in the bloodstream. The stretching techniques involved help in relieving pain from old injuries as well.

Aroma Therapy: natural oils extracted from the bark of trees, flowers, or stems, leaves and roots or other parts of the plants are used for the purpose of massage.


Head Massage: relaxing head massage are given by our expert masseuse by gently massaging the vital pressure points of the head to provide a stimulating and relaxing effect.

Mud Bath:  Relax and recharge your mind and soul by taking a mud bath in our very ownday spa wellness center.

Spa Facials: These facials are made to provide you a feeling of  health and wellness. It will make you look radiant and youuthful after each facial.

Manicure: proper filing and shaping of the fingernails are performed by expert masseuse at our spa.

Pedicure: The cosmetic treatment of the toe and toenails is made by the expert masseuse.

Body Care –

  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Head massage
  • Mud Baths
  • Spa Facials
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure