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Living in the resort’s bamboo cottages is a unique experience which offers a welcome break from everyday city life. Enjoy serenity and marvel at nature, walk in exotic flower gardens and experience riverside views at the resort’s bamboo cottages.
Rustic yet luxurious
The bamboo cottages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are made using 100% natural materials and exhibit an ethnic charm. These cottages are constructed with bamboo rafters, matted cane ceilings, thatched roofs, mud walls and areca nut palm panels. They are ethic, rusty as well as eco-friendly.
By staying at the resort’s bamboo cottages, you can experience the best of nature, while enjoying the comfort of all amenities. These cottages make for the ideal accommodation amidst the natural beauty of coastal Karnataka.
Despite being quaint and one with nature, the resort’s bamboo cottages also offer world class comfort and luxury. The cottages come fully equipped with luxurious beds, spacious toilets, air conditioning and even a mini bar. The resort offers uninterrupted facilities to guests around the clock, including dining-in facilities. The bamboo cottages also include LCD TVs and the resort even offers complimentary food and snacks with its cottages. You can expect nothing short of quality living at the resort’s bamboo cottages.
Wild Woods Spa and Resort currently manages 5 bamboo cottages, while many more are under development. Each bamboo cottage is uniquely designed with world class interiors and offers a charm of its own. The resort offers both luxury bamboo cottage and deluxe bamboo cottage stays. The resort’s deluxe bamboo cottages are more spacious and more upscale than luxury bamboo cottages.
Special stay packages
Wild Woods Spa and Resort offers special stay packages in its bamboo cottages. This includes monsoon packages and honeymoon packages.