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Surviving in India’s mega cities can be irritating with the continuous sound and terrible traffic. Bangalore while small within an Indian framework still has a people of 8. 4 million which places it on the par with Mexico City and Jakarta and more populous than NY and London. The populace combined with poor infrastructure, horrible traffic and continuous noise makes it an irritating spot to live so every opportunity I get I get away to the stunning Indian country-side for a few tranquility.
A week or two ago throughout a long weekend we packed up Roxy and headed off to the West Coastline. Our original plan have been to come back to Sai Vishram, (about that i acquired posted here) nonetheless they were taking benefit of the quieter Monsoon season to handle some renovations and weren’t taking any bookings. After a little of research we found a fresh place called Crazy Woods Spa and Holiday resort in Shiroor about 12 kms from Sai Vishram. It acquired very good Trip Advisor reviews but we also examined with the Sai Vishram supervisor as we’ve found Trip Advisor to sometimes be unreliable. He provided his thumbs up so we booked ourselves in.
Finally reaching Shiroor after an 11 hour drive from Bangalore, we resulted in a side road which headed from the coast and much deeper in to the countryside. 15 mins later we discovered the manager position in the center of the street waving to us and converted into the unobtrusive entry to the wild Woods Spa.
Crazy Woods is the brainchild of Mr. K P Shetty, one particular lucky people who discover their interest in life and pursues it every opportunity he can get.
K P Shetty loves plant life. He has plant life from all around the globe. And wild Woods is where the guy can indulge himself. Established on about 24 acres, 3 hours from the nearest city, Outrageous Woods is a Botanical wonder land. If anything may be the perfect antidote to the strains and strains of residing in a huge city this could it be.

The resort is filled up with trees and plants from around Asia, Bananas of most different kinds, creepers from Bali, Palms from Thailand and numerous flowering shrubs which attract enormous colored butterflies even through the monsoon. This area gets a great deal of rainfall so everything is lush and green.


A lovely fast flowing and clear river, cool with the elope from the jungle-clad hillsides forms the boundary using one side.
A little country lane bisects the house and using one side, occur about 2 acres is the accommodation composed of individual thatched and tiled cottages built from the neighborhood red laterite stone.

Cottage at Crazy Woods
Incredibly for such a remote location, ( there isn’t even any cellular phone signal) the rooms have all you would expect in a 5 star hotel. Large four-poster bedrooms, safe, minibar, satellite television, air-conditioning (although unnecessary when we have there been as it was lovely and cool), hairdryers, tea and espresso making facilities, and large collection of toiletries. Every details has been considered even right down to the two 2 golfing umbrellas in each room to guarantee the guests stay dried out while roaming the holiday resort.
Across the street is another 22 acres of lush tropical forest and gardens where Mr. Shetty is creating a Spa and more accommodation. The structures is beautiful, incorporating the neighborhood laterite rock with antique solid wood pillars and intricately carved doorways salvaged from old homes.

Antique Door

The trees are home to varied monkeys and wild birds, and butterflies flit from flower to flower.

Meals are taken in the large communal dining hall. Open on 3 sides and surrounded by a fish filled lily pond, here is where the resort really stands out. I have been to many places where the accommodation is nice and the food only average but here Mr. Shetty is truly blessed. In the kitchen Chef Rana and his assistant Chef Sudarshan conjure up some of the best Indian food I have ever eaten ( aside from the Boss ’ of course). Served in buffet format, every meal was different and for the 3 days we were there not a single item was repeated. What is even more amazing is that the Chefs, although being from North India and Calcutta, were able to cook up authentic local food as good if not better than anything we have had in Mangalore or surrounding areas.

Wild Woods Spa Dining Hall
Where possible they use ingredients grown on site or from the local area so everything is very fresh. I believe the nutritional value in this food is so much higher than what we have in Bangalore and I actually gained 2. 5 kilos (weighed on the scales which are found in every room) in my 3 day stay.
Mr. Shetty arrived from Bangalore on the 2nd day of our stay and delighted in guiding the guests around the property and explaining the different plants to them. We discovered a little green-house in the back section which had some of the most beautiful orchids. Mr. Shetty said that he had an even bigger collection in Bangalore which he will be transferring to Wild Woods.

The surrounding countryside is also beautiful and I went for a couple of runs through the villages, frightening the local children and puzzling the parents. One goat-herd seeing me running past, waylaid me on the way back and asked me where I was from and why was I running, as his 3 half naked children looked on in amazement.

Shiroor Countryside
In the hills behind the resort are two waterfalls, stunning with the monsoon rains! We wanted to take a closer look and Mr. Shetty instructed one of his staff to accompany us as a guide as the trek was quite challenging.

Shiroor Falls

The, at first reluctant, guide initially tried to dissuade us with tales of blood-sucking leeches the size of your arm, but after stopping at a remote farm house for some leech repellent (a cloth ball soaked in salty water ) he soon warmed to the challenge of dragging the city folk up the jungle slopes to the waterfall viewing point. At times crawling on our hand and knees through thick thorn filled undergrowth, and pausing frequently to dislodge the odd leech from between our toes ( the guide strangely enough being the main target of the leeches), after an hour and a half climb, the jungle parted to reveal a thundering cascade, pouring down the side of the mist clad hills.

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In this age of tough competition, it is very difficult to stay away from stress. Hectic lifestyle and increasing workload is enough to make any person sick. Ayurveda offers effective remedies for stress management that can be useful for young and old alike. If you are planning to visit Wild Woods Spa and Resort for Ayurvedic treatment in Karnataka, here are some of the Ayurvedic therapies you can try.

Ayurvedic Detox Therapy-Abhyanga

Warm, herbal oil that has therapeutic effect is applied over a person’s entire body followed by a special message that is done only by trained experts according to flow of energy in different parts of the body. This therapy helps eliminates toxins from your body and stimulates lymphatic system that makes a person feel good and rejuvenated.

Herbal steam therapy-Swedana

Herbal Steam therapy promotes sweating and detoxification, it also helps combat obesity which is a major cause of most of the health problems. Sweating helps open detox channels of your body to help in relaxation. To try this therapy you can visit Wild Woods Spa’s best spa in Mangalore and enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda amidst natural surroundings. Ayurvedic treatment in Karnataka.

Warm oil head message-Shirodhara

A stream of warm herbal oil is poured over head which stimulates relaxation channels in mind and helps alleviate stress. This therapy also makes your hair soft and shiny.

Relaxation massage

This rejuvenating treatment begins with a warm, relaxing foot bath, and then a pampering massage of hands, feet, shoulders, neck and face, which induces overall relaxation and a feeling of well being. 100 % natural products are used for this therapy at Wild Woods Spa and Resort-one of the best luxury resorts in South India.

Ayurveda is one such gift of health science which aims for holistic healing of an individual. Visit Wild Woods Spa and Resorts for the best Ayurvedic treatments in Mangalore and experience the difference! All the treatments provided at Wild Woods Spa and Resorts are done by trained Ayurvedic professionals that give you an assurance of quality and the best services that you will find nowhere else. Ayurvedic treatment in Karnataka.

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