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Mangalore is known as the heart city of Karnataka and has many exciting tourist destinations that attract people from different parts of India and world. The scenic beauty of Mangalore provides a beautiful distraction for people who crave relaxation and peace, but one other activity that people really enjoy doing in Mangalore is-shopping. Here are some tips to have a great shopping experience in Mangalore, brought to you by Wild Woods Spa and Resort-one of the best resorts in Coastal Karnataka. Shopping places in mangalore.

Best things to buy in Mangalore

Mangalore is well-known for silk saris, gold and silver jewelries that are intricately designed. The beautifully carved ivory and sandalwood artifacts make for some great souvenir items. The other shopping options include handicraft items and furniture that are worth purchasing.

Tips to have the best shopping experience and Shopping places in mangalore.

  1. Browse several shops: Buying the first item at the first shop is a sure fire way to overpay. Get an idea for how much an item(s) generally costs by browsing several shops either fixed price or pay as you wish before settling on one merchant.
  2. Buy in bulk: When shopping for fresh produce, you can always bargain for a better price per kilogram when purchasing a large amount.
  3. Decide how much you are willing to pay: A maximum price in mind before negotiating. Conversations can be quick, and before you realize what you have agreed upon, the price is higher than you were able to pay.
  4. Keep yourself well hydrated: Shopping for whole day under sun can cause you to get tired and dehydrated, so make sure you have enough fluids like water, fruit juice, coconut water etc to remain hydrated.
  5. Don’t forget to carry your hat, sunglasses and a good quality sun block lotion if you decide to shop around or see weekend getaways near Mangalore.

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