Experience Nature

A while back, bringing the outside in was the in thing. Today, it is all about taking the inside out to embrace the surrounding. Does a hot tub on the beach, or a Jacuzzi in the jungle sound like your thing? Getting close to nature is fast becoming an integral part of the spa experience and Wild Woods Spa & Resort believes that the more extreme the location the better the experience.

This trend is due to the fact that most people are now more environmentally inclined coupled with the overwhelming evidence pointing to the fact that the outdoors can help to lower stress levels and promote a sense of well-being.

At Wild Woods Spa and Resort, we acknowledge that more people are opting for vacations on natural places to enjoy the benefits that nature has to offer. This explains why more people are now visiting our resort for a chance to relax and get pampered in the serenity of nature.

By booking your stay with us, you stand to benefit from high-quality services and facilities coupled with tons of fun filled activities thanks to the adjacent budget tourist spots.

We all love wild spa experience in dramatic locations. At Wild Woods Spa, you can enjoy unparalleled luxury right in the arm of nature.  Experience a heavenly luxury spa treatment in our spa nestled in a natural forest. Our spa treatment accompanied by joyful staff is a perfect reflection of nature’s purity as well as the pristine beauty of the Karnataka wilderness.

Paddy Fields

Forest bathing At Wild Woods Spa?

Come to Wild Woods Spa for an ‘authentic forest’ bathing experience. Research has found that looking at trees helps to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Book your next vacation with us for a chance to head out deep into the woods for a therapeutic experience in your own treehouse with a hot tub.

Located in the hilly state of Karnataka, a tourist hotspot in India, Wild Wood Spa & Resort has carved a name for itself in the hospitality industry by offering luxurious amenities and time to explore the nearby places.

Book one of our bamboo or stone cottages and villas located in a pebble garden featuring hundreds of different varieties of flowers.  Surrounded by different aromatic vegetation, our cottages take spa-ing to a whole new level

Foodies get to enjoy our cuisines fresh from the farm. Seasonable and a whole lot of other snacks prepared in a hygienic and modern kitchen will keep you sweet gland satisfied.

At Wild Woods Spa & Resort, we pride ourselves as the ultimate honeymoon location. You can count on us to make you honeymoon romantic and memorable. Contact us today and we will make your stay worthwhile in the serenity of Mother Nature.