Luxury Villas

Our luxury villas’ design is a perfect blend of the traditional Kerala architecture with the Portuguese laterite stone designs. The villas are constructed and furnished with natural material sourced from the region.
The laterite blocks sourced from nearby towns give the walls an ethnic touch. The floor and ceilings feature well-polished wood panels. Banana fibers are used to make the window curtains to give the rooms a rustic charm.
All Luxury Villas in mangalore are furnished with antique objects from different parts of the country. In addition, the rooms have visco-elastic mattresses and an antique swing at the sit-out overlooking a structure with scented creepers.

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A vacation in our villas provides our guests with an exceptional way to enjoy a peaceful getaway with their loved ones. When planning a trip to Karnataka, we highly recommend trying our luxury villas for your vacation. We guarantee is the best way for you to relax and escape the chaotic city life. By choosing our luxury villas, you get a wide range of amenities including delicacies to enjoy.

Stone Cottages in karnataka

Living in a stone cottage at Wild Woods Spa and Resort is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. The resort’s cottages offer you the best in comfort, allowing you to experience upscale living in a rich natural environment.
Wild Woods Spa and Resort currently manages 3 unique stone cottages. Each cottage is designed with fantastic interiors and presents a unique charm. The resort’s cottages are completely private and are surrounded by fragrant creepers and other flora. Book Stone Cottages in karnataka at wildwoodsspa.

Sustainable and eco-friendly Stone Cottages in karnataka

Wild Woods Spa and Resort is completely committed to the environment. That’s why the stone cottages at the resort are manufactured using only 100% natural elements. The cottages are primarily built using laterite stone, mud plastering and also include a thatched roof.
These cottages are also well furnished with wooden floors and cane mats, making them comfortable and cozy. The stone finished bathrooms at these cottages are a big highlight as they add a touch of class and elegance to these natural cottages.

Bamboo Cottages

Staying at a bamboo cottage at Wild Woods Spa and Resort is nothing like staying at a normal hotel. The resort offers a rich natural environment, with bamboo cottages along a flowing river. Living in the resort’s bamboo cottages is a unique experience which offers a welcome break from everyday city life. Enjoy serenity and marvel at nature, walk in exotic flower gardens and experience riverside views at the resort.
Rustic yet luxurious
It is at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are made using 100% natural materials and exhibit an ethnic charm. These cottages are constructed with bamboo rafters, matted cane ceilings, thatched roofs, mud walls and areca nut palm panels. They are ethic, rusty as well as eco-friendly.

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