Spa Thai Massage

Thai massages are known to offer holistic health benefits. Not only do they improve the entire body condition, but they also promote a sense of relief. Thai massages are incredibly effective in reducing emotional and physical stress and also eases muscle stiffness.
Wild Woods Spa and Resort is famous for offering the best Thai massage in Karnataka. The resort has an experienced team of masseuses, who are experts in the discipline of Thai massages. Moreover, the spa also offers a range of other therapies including ayurvedic therapy, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation.
The resort offers authentic therapy sessions to guests in the essence of ancient healing traditions in a natural environment. The spa is surrounded by extensive flora and fauna and the resort presents a serene and relaxing environment. The spa Thai massage therapy offers a completely rejuvenating experience.

Spa Thai Massage

Thai Massage Methods at the Resort

Wild Woods Spa and Resort offers an entire range of authentic Thai massages to guests. The Thai massage methods used by the masseuses include Shiatsu Thai massage and Thai foot massage.

Shiatsu Thai massage is the traditional art of massaging which originated in Japan. It involves using massage techniques such as rubbing, tapping and squeezing with the help of applied pressure blocks. This type of massage reinforces the optimal flow of energy within the body. It is known to be particularly effective in relieving pain in fingers, palms, muscles and also reduces nausea, depression and anxiety.

Thai foot massage is the traditional art of massaging which originated in China. It involves using various massage techniques on lower body parts such as the legs, feet and sometimes, even the hands. This massage is based on inciting impulse points located on the limbs, which are linked to internal organs. The massages are known to improve blood circulation and promotes a healthier immune system.

The resort, known for its best Thai massages in Karnataka, also focuses on balancing yoga and spa therapy. The resort teaches guests how to balance the mind and body through special Thai yoga postures, which are taught alongside therapy sessions.

Shiatsu Thai Massage

Thai Massages in Udupi District

Udupi is a well-known tourist and religious hub in Karnataka, thanks to its numerous temples and beautiful historic sites. One of India’s most famous waterfalls, the Jog Falls also lies in close proximity to Udupi and the district is scenic. As a result, there are plenty of hotels in Udupi, as there are Jog Falls hotels.
Should you plan a holiday to Udupi, you should definitely take the time to experience the healing power of spa Thai massages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort. The resort is easily accessible from Udupi and offers an excellent drive to Jog Falls. In fact, the resort itself makes for a wonderful holiday destination by itself, thanks to its natural beauty and healthy environment.
Come, experience holistic healing through spa Thai massages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort!