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Wild Woods Spa and Resort currently manages 3 unique stone cottages. Each cottage is designed with fantastic interiors and presents a unique charm. The resort’s cottages are completely private and are surrounded by fragrant creepers and other flora.
Sustainable and eco-friendly
Wild Woods Spa and Resort is completely committed to the environment. That’s why the stone cottages at the resort are manufactured using only 100% natural elements. The cottages are primarily built using laterite stone, mud plastering and also include a thatched roof.
These cottages are also well furnished with wooden floors and cane mats, making them comfortable and cozy. The stone finished bathrooms at these cottages are a big highlight as they add a touch of class and elegance to these natural cottages.
Packed with fantastic amenities
The stone cottages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are designed to offer you world class comfort on your holiday. The cottages include modern amenities such as television sets, refrigerators, power points, spacious toilets, air conditioning, luxurious beds and more! The beds come equipped with visco-elastic mattresses, which allows you to enjoy sound sleep.
Apart from these amenities, the resort also offers a range of facilities which are available 24/7. Some facilities you can avail include dine-in facilities, complimentary snacks and housekeeping services. You can expect nothing short of world-class comfort at the resort’s stone cottages.
The resort’s stone cottages allow you to enjoy the highest quality of living in the lap of mother nature. Even though you’ll be far away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you’ll get to enjoy the best in facilities and amenities.
Perfect for all seasons
Regardless of when you decide to take a holiday, the stone cottages at Wild Woods Spa and Resort are perfect for all seasons. Thanks to natural construction, these cottages remain cool even during the hot South Indian summers. During spring, the cottages offer a fragrant air as the natural environment begins to blossom.
Monsoon is another great time to stay at these stone cottages as it allows you to enjoy spectacular sights and sounds. And, during winters, you can take a welcome break from the city and enjoy the best of private living in these cottages.
Depending on the season, the resort also offers a range of outdoor activities that you can take part in. Some of these include trekking, rubber tapping and visits to nearby destinations, among others.
Come, experience the best of natural living in seclusion at Wild Wood’s Spa and Resort’s stone cottages!

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