Kundadri Hills

Kundadri Jain Temple

In the recent times what we usually observe is people are getting caught up in the busy routine of their lives and they hardly know how it feels to have a peace of mind.

All we need at the moment is a little time for ourselves and travel to forage peace of mind. A trip to the heart of nature is always welcoming. To feel the tranquillity you must visit Kundadri hill, A lesser known place and yet to be discovered by most of the travellers. This place is very thrilling, where cloud kisses your face and cool breeze touches your skin.

clouds as seen from kundadri hill

Kundadri is a hill station about two and a half hours journey from Wild Woods Resort, Udupi. 
The hill is known for an ancient Jain Temple. Kundadri Hill is surrounded by lush green landscapes which makes it even more interesting to visit. 
The ancient Jain Temple also offers a lot to explore. 

According to the myth, Kundadri hills got its name from a Jain Sage named Kundakundacharya who performed a great penance at this place. So, this place is considered one of the holy places for Jains.

Kundadri Jain Temple Wide View with Lake

It is said that this Jain Temple was built during the 17th century. Parswanatha is worshipped as the main deity of the temple. There are many other statues and sculptures which tell about Jain Mythology.

Kundadri is definitely one of the most scenic destinations in Karnataka. 
It is located next to the famous Agumbe and you can imagine the scenic beauty from this place. The best time to visit is at Sunrise and Sunset or it may at the starting of the monsoons or at the ending of monsoons where you can experience being surrounded by the clouds.


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Source: Karnataka.com

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