Kundapur: Wild Wood Resort: Perfect getaway to relax and rejuvenate

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Kundapur, Apr 1: Relax, rejuvenate, revitalize, detoxify, calm and heal seem to be the catchphrase in today’s complex, fast-paced and stress-filled life. With little or no time to enjoy simple pleasures life can offer, there is an urgency to manage the stress levels to safeguard the well-being of the body and mind. Pampering oneself with little indulgences with an effective combination of sight, sound, smell and scents, touch and movement is the best anecdote for revitalizing a tired body and mind.


One need not go far off places in search of such an abode, as Wild Wood Resort, located in Shiroor, has proved to be a great stress-buster apart from pampering its guests with all the little indulgences of life under one roof. In existence for six years, this destination spa is the perfect option for experiencing a makeover for people who are in search of an idyllic and fun-filled venue.

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At Wild Wood Spa guests can enjoy a tranquil stay, enjoy nature and its numerous surprises, savor some of the most tasty, appetizing and healthy food, soak in the wellness therapy delivered through a plethora of remedies and ancient healing traditions or just skylark and enjoy a fun-filled session with myriad indoor or outdoor activities that are on offer. Here people can relish the panoramic splendor of the surroundings heightened with an imaginative landscaping, the chirping of the birds and the mellifluous sound of the flowing river, the scent of the flowers, plants and the trees emanating from the surrounding forests, the aroma of fresh and mouth-watering dishes from the restaurant wafting through the air. The experience of healing through touch comes with the wellness package in the form of therapies and massages and the indoor and outdoor activities are sure to blissfully exhaust you.

Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats on the north side of NH 66 about 6 km from Shiroor High Way in a vast hacienda of 22 acres of land, Wild Wood Spa is a nirvana that provides a heavenly experience wrapped in swathes of fun, tranquillity, happiness, luxury, pampering and nature’s goodness in her pristine form. Perched on a hilltop that gives a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and beauty, it is further beautified with nature-themed landscaping to dovetail with its unique ambience. Encircled with the rich and luxuriant forests of the Western Ghats on three sides and a beach along 10kms on the other, this resort has every element to take you on a sojourn of a completely new world. At Wild Wood Spa the emphasis is on the total rejuvenation and it is a package deal that comes with an unforgettable stay, the pampering that comes with Ayurveda and yogic healing traditions and massage therapies, a unique dining experience and astounding indoor and outdoor activities. It would be a cherished experience that you would treasure for a long time.

Swashbuckling Experience

Staying at Wild Wood Spa is a unique experience in itself and guests can choose a fully furnished bamboo cottage, deluxe cottage, stone cottage or luxury villas which are sublime with their rustic frame. The tastefully decorated and furnished cottages are elegant and trendy giving an instantaneous comforting effect. Its distinctive location and intensive landscaping provides an opportunity to live life to the fullest in close proximity to nature. Guests can enjoy the custom-made pebble ponds, cactus garden, nurseries, orchid garden, cottage backyard, tropical garden, flower garden and natural pool, which is sure to envelop you with a rejuvenated frame of mind. The perfumed atmosphere oozing out from hundreds of aromatic plants around the cottages will provide a calmative impact.

Enjoying nature in her immaculate form, the aromatic scent of the nearby forest, the therapeutic sound of the flowing river, the scent of the flowers and the trees, the sight of the multihued flowers and the serene ambience is sure to act as a soothing balm on the tired nerves. It is like winning half the battle and the rest would fall in place by itself.

Spa for Unwinding

There are many indulgences that soothe stressed minds and tired souls. The Spa at the Wild Woods Resort offers world class facilities which are truly stimulating and can be described as pure and unadulterated luxury. Needless to say, you would be stepping into an ideal de-stress destination steeped in ancient traditions yet luxurious and unparalleled.

The Spa offers a variety of natural therapies and massages based on ancient traditions well-known for their wellness aspects. It is a perfect habitat for fascinating and vibrant therapies including Yoga, Ayurveda and Shiatsu. About 20 types of massages and beauty care therapies are available and guests can delight in Thai Foot Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Shiroabhyangam, Aroma, Yoga and Meditation, Hot Stone massage and other body and beauty care facilities such as facials, pedicure, manicure, body scrubs etc – a comprehensive and refreshing wellbeing package. A team of experienced doctors and therapists will be at the service of the guests to reassure and enhance the comfort level. Be it a weekend or a weeklong holiday tour, the Wild Wood Spa will provide a complete makeover with its holistic and inclusive wellbeing spa therapy. A spa session would infuse a renewed dose of energy leaving you with a visible and all-pervading feel-good factor.

Gourmet’s Delight

Food is believed to be a great stress-buster and knowing the importance of good food for a healthy and blissful life Wild Wood Spa has given top priority to provide food therapy that includes dishing out some of the exquisite and mouthwatering cuisine - local, continental and international, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Dining at Wild Wood Spa’s Open Restaurant will be a memorable, wonderful and invigorating experience. The multi-cuisine restaurant “Aromas” with its open kitchen will be a gourmet’s delight as it serves a range of food made from fresh, locally grown organic vegetables and ingredients. Unlimited buffet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be an added attraction for foodies. Varieties of juices are also made available keeping in mind the health and wellness of our guests. For those who feel cooking is relaxing, can try their culinary skills at the open kitchen of the restaurant.

Loads of Activities

Since enjoying nature and her bounty is the major attraction of Wild Wood Spa there are indoor and outdoor activities aplenty to keep you active and moving. At present, there are activities like bird watching, butterfly watching, fishing, cycling, and trampoline, Kayaking, Coracle ride, water Zorbing, rope-based and other adventure activities. Fitness-buffs can relax and enjoy choosing from a variety of sports and games like table tennis, badminton, or indoor games like chess, carom, puzzle games or yoga and meditation.

For those who have an adventurous streak in them there are activities like trekking, scuba diving at Netrani Island (with prior booking), having fun at the beaches like - Maravanthe Beach, Someshwara Beach, Malpe Beach, St Mary’s Island, apart from enjoying some quiet moments at the nearby beach or visiting religious places. Plans are in the offing to provide other adventurous and thrilling activities like swimming, bullock cart ride, farming, feeding animals, watching Lift Irrigation, Village Barbershop, jungle camps and trekking expeditions. At Wild Woods Spa and Resort Connoisseurs of fun and frolic cannot afford to miss anything.

Destination Spot

Wild Wood Spa is emerging as a destination spot frequented by people from undivided Dakshina Kannada and other far off places. It is the perfect sanctuary for a weekend relaxation or a weeklong holiday session with family or friends. A stay at this unique and ultimate holiday destination will truly provide an eclectic experience to those who come in search of an entranced and tranquil milieu. The atmosphere at Wild Wood Spa is bucolic yet contemporary and steeped in luxury to ensure comfort and sense of déjà vu.

Wild Wood Spa and Resort has everything that people look for in a holiday destination or in a weekend relaxation venue. It is an exclusive gateway to retreat enjoying nature unfolding her surprises making every moment you spend here a delightful and memorable one. Nature has the best curative, healing and invigorating qualities and Wild Wood Spa can be the ultimate spot to enjoy nature in all her splendour. Guests can capture those precious moments in the lap of nature by resorting to nature photography as this place is a treasure trove of precious flora and fauna.

There are facilities aplenty to organize weekend or family parties for those interested in introducing an element of suspense, fun and thrill in their parties. The fragrant atmosphere coming from around 6000 aromatic plants and trees around the Spa will fill you with an unforgettable experience. Guests can leave behind a permanent mark of their stay at the Wild Wood Spa by planting a tree at the nearby school.

A holiday or weekend session at Wild Wood Spa and Resort is nothing but a session of everlasting joy and memories filled with happiness imprinted permanently. The happiness and wellness of our guest are paramount to us and there is no compromise on that front under any circumstances. Come and enjoy our hospitality and you will personally feel what it is to be like spending your precious time at Wild Wood Spa and Resort.

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Resort Address:
Wild Woods Spa & Resort
Toodalli Village, Yedthare Post, Shirur Checkpost Deviation, Baindur, Kundapura Taluka, Udupi, Karnataka 576214
Mob - 077609 76680

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